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Selling: Status of the item for sale
Selling: Status of the item for sale
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Added = The item has not been sent to review.

Pending review = The item has not been reviewed by Customer Service. The review takes typically 1-3 working days.

Waiting = The item has been reviewed and approved but it has not arrived at the central warehouse.

On sale = The item is being sold.

Sold, return period pending = The item has been sold, and the return period of 15 days from the receipt by the buyer is pending. Your account will be credited after the legal return period.

Sold, credited = The item has been sold and it has not been returned during the legal return period. The sales price has been credited.

Sales period exceeded = The item has not been sold during the maximum sales period. You can extend the sales period, request the item back to you, or wait until it has been donated to charity.

On sales extension = You have bought an extension to the sales period. The extension costs € 0.50 per item for a period of 56 days.
Read more about extensions!

Waiting for charity = The item will be donated to charity as nothing else has been requested within 14 days of end of sales period.

Donated to charity = The item has been donated to a charity organisation.

Shipment back requested = You have requested shipment of the unsold item back to you.

Shipped back = We have sent the unsold item back to you.

Declined = The item has been declined as unsuitable for sales.

Waiting to be returned = the item will be returned from the buyer as a customer return

On hold = Special status for items under inspection.

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