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Selling: How do I add an item?
Selling: How do I add an item?
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Adding an item is fast and simple.

You just need to take the following steps:

  1. Sign in to our service (requires customer account)

  2. Choose a picture file, or take a picture with your phone/tablet.

  3. Choose a category for the item.

  4. Choose a subcategory for the item.

  5. Give as describing name as possible. Like Winnie the Pooh T-shirt. You don’t need to add size or brand to the name of the item, as these will be added automatically based on the size and brand you select in additional information from their respective drop down menus.

  6. In the description, please describe the item as accurately as possible. Things such as brand, color and fabric should be mentioned. If there are any pets in the household where the item was previously used it should be mentioned as well.
    Example: Pink H&M cotton shirt with Winnie the Pooh logo. Dog in the household.

  7. Give the price you wish to the item. Use dot (.) as a separator between euros and cents.

  8. Choose the additional information for the item from the respective drop down menus.

  9. Click save.

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