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Selling: How does the selling work?
Selling: How does the selling work?
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  1. First you need to sign up to the service.

  2. Take photos of the items you want to sell.

  3. Add at least ten (10) items with photos and descriptions. Send the item photos and descriptions for online review. You will receive an approval email within 3 working days.

  4. After approval, label your items with e.g. paper tape using the product numbers in the approval email.

  5. Pack your items carefully. Remember to pack the items in the numbered order.

  6. Take the parcel to the nearest DHL parcel shop.

  7. You can use the Parcel Shop Finder to find the nearest parcel shop. You don't have to pay for shipping at the parcel shop.

  8. When we have received your items at our central warehouse, we will review them and publish them for sale internationally with the price you have set, complemented with our standard sales margin. At this stage, we have charged the logistics fee 0,95€/ item.

  9. If a product has not been sold within 35 of days of publishing, the price set by you will be automatically decreased by 20 %. The price drop is repeated every 5 weeks to ensure the item is being sold at the correct price. The maximum amount of price drops is 4. During the entire sales period (24 weeks), the price will be reduced by 4 times.

  10. After the sales period has expired, you have 14 days to request your items to be shipped back. If you request your items back, you will only pay the standard buyer's shipping fee. You can also extend the sales period within 14 days of the sales period expiration in your account's items for sale list.

  11. If you don't do anything, the unsold items will be transferred to the charity donation queue 14 days after the sales period expiry.

  12. When items are sold, we will credit your user account when the buyer's return and cancellation period has expired. You can use the user account credit for shopping at, buy sales period extensions, or request us to transfer the funds to your bank account. If a product is returned to us within the buyer's return period, we will republish the product for sale.

Watch the how to sell video!

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